100% recovery rate for Ctrack


The Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) released its latest audited statistics on vehicle recovery performance for the industry where Ctrack vehicle tracking scored a full 100% recovery rate.

This is a very credible rating in a time when many tracking companies and the security industry are up against signal jamming and other sophisticated means of vehicle theft.

“This performance is down to our technology and continuous research and development, which we need to stay ahead of the criminals. Combined with a passionate and very capable recovery team, we provide solutions that keep our customers’ vehicles always visible,” commented Pierre Bruwer, MD of Ctrack.

Ctrack uses GSM cellular and GPS satellite communications which allow it to pinpoint a stolen vehicle in real time. This gives a recovery team significant advantage over the tracking companies that continue to use traditional passive radio frequency (RF) based systems.

RF devices require activating before they start transmitting a signal and then they only give an area that needs to be searched in order to uncover a vehicle’s location.

“We have helicopters on hand, but frankly we rarely need to use them as we will know the exact location of a stolen vehicle, enabling our ground team to get on site rapidly,” Bruwer adds.

Ctrack was the first tracking company in South Africa to introduce a jamming detection solution at TruckX in August 2014. “We have always focused on providing premium vehicle tracking to our customers as we know someone’s life may depend on it. Today, our GPS/GSM-based tracking solutions are very price competitive with the traditional passive systems making quality systems accessible to everyone,” concluded Bruwer.

Further, insurance companies look favourably on GPS and GSM vehicle tracking systems, usually offering discounts and lower excess rates to clients who fit their vehicles with one of these security systems.