AfriForum and Ctrack partnership to erect community control centres


AfriForum came to an agreement with the well-known vehicle recovery company Ctrack to build a number of control centres in remote areas across South Africa. In this way, the safety and security of AfriForum members in these areas are ensured.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the partnership is a major step forward for AfriForum’s strategy of assisting communities all over the country to ensure their own safety within the framework of legislation.

“The technology that the Ctrack system offers, allows AfriForum to achieve even greater success in 2016 in its fight against crime. AfriForum will focus in 2016 on extending its countrywide network of community safety structures,” Kriel explained.

“As a proudly South African company, Ctrack has teamed up with AfriForum to offer its members preferential rates on Ctrack’s vehicle recovery systems,” said Pierre Bruwer, Managing Director of Ctrack. A part of the monthly premiums will be donated to AfriForum to erect the control centres. These centres will enable neighbourhood patrols to function more effectively.

Ctrack is quite aware of the fact that farm attacks are escalating and that ongoing attempts should be made to ensure the safety of communities in remote areas. For these reasons, Ctrack’s advanced vehicle recovery technology and 24 hour emergency call centres provide greater peace of mind to customers.

“Where telematics units could previously only monitor a vehicle based on its last confirmed location, it can now also provide live information on where and how fast the vehicle travels at any given moment. These developments allow us to determine the location of any vehicle within a radius of four metres after it has been stolen or hijacked,” Bruwer explained.

Ctrack’s vehicle recovery system can also determine a vehicle’s location in emergencies and for medical evacuation. SMS or web-based recovery software on smartphones, systems can provide information about the vehicle’s location. This means you never again have to worry about your vehicle being stolen when you are at home. It will also accomplish better cooperation between different control rooms in terms of personal and community safety.