AfriForum regional control room is picking up speed


The AfriForum regional control room that was opened in June this year in Paulpietersburg in conjunction with Ctrack, one of South Africa’s largest vehicle tracking and fleet management companies, is currently monitoring 100 vehicles in the Zululand Region.

This control room was established to assist the AfriForum neighbourhood watches in the region, assist the community in emergency situations and ensure that emergency scenes are managed correctly. A fleet management project was also launched recently.

According to Eugene van Aswegen, AfriForum’s regional coordinator for KwaZulu-Natal (North), the fleet management project originated from the needs of community members, because residents’ vehicles are targeted regularly by syndicates from Swaziland.

“In a more recent incident, vehicle thieves fiddled with the battery of a Land Cruiser, but with the assistance of the fleet management project the owner could be notified in time,” he said.

“AfriForum and Ctrack are investing in the safety of communities and want to expand this even further in future,” Van Aswegen concludes.

Support AfriForum to secure your community by sending an SMS with your name to 45267 (R1).

This article originally appeared in Vryheid Herald.