Ctrack deploys Novatel Wireless vehicle tracking devices in South Africa


Having recently been appointed sole distributor of Novatel Wireless in South Africa, JSE-listed DigiCore announced that Novatel Wireless’s products are being introduced to the local market. Novatel Wireless, Inc. is a leading US-based provider of solutions for the Internet of Things and DigiCore will expand its Ctrack product portfolio through their MiFi Drive® patented line of mobile information gateways.

“This will enable us to offer ‘vehicle-as-hub’ devices and services to the local market”, commented Nick Vlok, CEO of DigiCore, supplier of Ctrack to fleet owners in over 50 countries.

The Novatel Wireless products are globally competitive and have already assisted Ctrack to increase its share in the consumer vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle response markets. Ctrack is loading its own software onto selected Novatel Wireless hardware to ensure its clients benefit from Ctrack proven IP and solutions.

“Ctrack products can be configured, monitored, managed and updated over-the-air from the Ctrack Support Centre,” explained Vlok. “A customer with basic stolen vehicle response functionality can request to have his unit remotely upgraded to vehicle tracking with many advanced safety and security functionalities,” added Vlok.

Cross Country Insurance Consultants, a specialist in 4×4 vehicle insurance in South Africa, was the first insurer to receive the new Ctrack device powered by Novatel Wireless hardware. “Ctrack has provided us a robust solution that keeps our customers visible in some of the more remote and harsh terrains of the country”, said Ian Georgeson, CEO of Cross Country Insurance Consultants.

Volumes from the insurance telematics industry are anticipated to accelerate as the demand for accurate driver behaviour data increases. “Ctrack has already measured over five billion kilometres of high resolution insurance driver behaviour and the Novatel Wireless hardware will further contribute to our expansion in this sector,” added Vlok.

“Ctrack has built an incredible reputation in the industry and we truly enjoy working alongside them, ” says John Carney, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Novatel Wireless.

“This application with Cross Country Insurance is a great demonstration of the value delivered by implementing the best technology in our solutions. The GPS/GNSS combination delivers pinpoint location data when needed. That combined with the device’s backup battery ensures that drivers can be easily located in the event of an accident in harsh and remote terrain.”