Ctrack innovates by launching PC Secure


Leading asset tracking and fleet management solution provider Ctrack is expanding their offering to now include Laptop and Computer traced recovery service.

Computers are vital to the running of businesses these days and very often contain sensitive information that is of a high value to the business owner, both in terms of the time invested and its importance in keeping the wheels turning.

Ctrack PC Secure allows devices to be traced and recovered in the same way that Ctrack has recovered stolen vehicles or other assets for the last 30 years.

Ctrack PC Secure utilises advanced software to make any laptop or desktop computer visible for Ctrack to recover stolen laptops or desktops.

“Ctrack strives to offer their customers the best solutions to keep their businesses running safely and smoothly and have therefore teamed up with NetTrace and their partners. NetTrace is in the business of providing leading-edge technologies and services for accurate asset tracking and management and is a perfect addition to Ctrack’s well-established business model in the automotive, business, and agricultural industries,” said Hein Jordt, Managing Director of Ctrack.

This service expands Ctrack’s innovative capabilities and meets cloud-computing standards with integration services that provide supreme up-to-date and verified inventory, related to business necessities. Additional visibility and control are added to Ctrack’s control center, thanks to proprietary technology that incorporates irremovable persistent resilience built into more than half a billion end-user computing devices globally since 2005, that is just waiting to be activated.

Apart from the obvious benefits such as location tracking and loss control management, Ctrack PC Secure allows for asset classification and categorisation, asset management, IT asset management validation, software compliance, and much more.

Many organisations have discrepancies in their asset registers with assets they cannot account for, assets they no longer have or assets they are unaware they even own. When asset-based decisions are driven by inaccurate, outdated, or incomplete data, there could be numerous unwanted implications for your business.

Via the installation of specially delivered software, computers can be traced, and an alert will be sent as soon as they are connected to the internet. Devices can also be locked from usage, remotely wiped of data, and can even be setup to “auto freeze” if it has not been on a specific network for a determined and set timeframe.

An asset management service allows businesses to adhere to asset audits and compliance specifications.

With recent looting activities, business should take pro-active action in securing the assets. Stolen devices can now be remotely frozen with a custom message along with several predefined and customised alerts depending on client requirements.

“With data becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, the devices on which data is stored need the right level of protection. With Ctrack PC Secure, we are expanding our all-encompassing business solutions to cater for this exact need,” concluded Jordt.

A slick one-page application for your business is required to start the process and a once-off activation fee of R199 excl. Vat and a R95 excl. Vat monthly fee means Ctrack PC Secure is a cost-effective solution for the safekeeping of your computer hardware and data.