Ctrack Iris a game changer in video monitoring and telematics


Leading vehicle telematics and tracking services provider, Ctrack, has introduced Ctrack Iris, a high-quality, customisable video monitoring solution ideal for rental vehicles, light deliveries, fleet vehicles, heavy commercial’s, general machinery and buses.

With Ctrack Iris, fleet owners can reduce the number of insurance claims they submit and settle the claims they do submit much faster. Iris can also be used to lower fuel consumption and improve vehicle maintenance through better driving, while also reducing diesel and goods-in-transit theft.

By monitoring crew activities, it is possible to improve and enforce company processes and procedures and reduce theft, pilferage and stock damage. Furthermore, the new video solution from Ctrack combined with a tracking device can improve vehicle route optimisation, increase load frequency and hasten turnaround times.

The number of side or back cameras (IP69) used can be specified by individual customers. Video footage can be recorded in eight quality settings, from CIF to 1080p. Live, real-time video streaming can be viewed on mobile devices.



Apart from the cameras, the solution is further equipped with rear door triggers, a lockable video device, two-way communication system, fatigue and ADAS monitoring and an onboard/reverse screen. GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G and accelerometer modules can also be included.

Ctrack Iris is supported by web-based, desktop software and a password protected mobile application. These platforms provide Geofence/Point-of-Interest information, live tracking and video and dashboard event management.

“Ctrack supplies monitoring equipment that is made with high quality components. It’s video unit models are best in class, which results in minimum downtime and system maintenance. Ultimately, Ctrack Iris is a sustainable, long-term video tracking solution of the highest order”, Hein Jordt MD of Ctrack stated.