Ctrack by Inseego the global supplier of vehicle tracking, insurance telematics and fleet management solutions is introducing the new “On The Road” (OTR) driver fleet management solution.

Utilising the robust and modern Garmin Fleet 790 device as the hardware and the proprietary Ctrack fleet management software, customers are now faced with even more features to ensure the productive running of their fleets and drivers.

The IP67-rated device is a fleet telematics tablet with modem and integrated dash cam. The device is a high-quality, purpose-built out of the box solution equipped with best-in-class hardware, and was chosen by Ctrack due to its innate functionality.

It features a 7-inch capacitive multi-touch display (1024 x 600 pixels) with embedded 4G modem and open-SIM cellular connectivity. The Android device is fully customisable and comes with always on internet connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth and Nearfield Communication Capability.

The unit is provided with a powered magnetic mount with mini USB and USB Type A connections. Onboard maps are provided with free lifetime updates. The device is tough and optimised specifically for long-haul commercial truck use. Its convenient, easy-to-use magnetic mount makes it easy to remove and use outside a truck or van.

With this OTR solution, it is possible for Ctrack to provide users with a virtual driver ID. Companies can set up virtual driver identification numbers which are required when a vehicle’s ignition is turned on. The virtual pin is configured on Ctrack software and identifies the driver of the specific asset to allow driving behaviour and driving habit tracking. Fleet managers can then take action to ensure driver and asset productivity.

When used in combination with Ctrack’s NX35 hardware, the device can facilitate two-way voice communication with drivers. This requires that the Ctrack sim card be voice-activated. Drivers can then be contacted directly through the device, either by voice or by text message.



The new OTR solution comes with a hands-free voice kit. An auto-answer function can be configured, which is ideal for when drivers are already out on the road. Outgoing calls can be limited to predefined numbers to restrict unauthorised/private calling and the duration of single outgoing calls can also be set. A built-in safety feature stops all device interaction when vehicle speeds exceed 15km/h.

The OTR solution records driving events as the vehicle is moving. Data is stored locally on a SD card within the device. Up to 72 hours worth of driving data can be saved to the SD card, depending on storage capacity.

Three minutes of driving footage are automatically saved when an incident such as harsh braking occurs. A minute is captured before, during and after such an event occurs. These events are stored on the device’s onboard memory to avoid being overwritten.

Tasks or jobs can be sent to the OTR device for drivers to accept and then be navigated to. Job progress can be seen by management in real-time. A driver behaviour interface provides driving statistics to drivers on their driving behaviour.

Drivers can change their status on the device should they have completed tasks, or are otherwise temporarily unavailable. These statuses are pre-configured by Ctrack so drivers do not have to type them. Operations staff can see these status updates and decide whether or not to send further driving tasks to said drivers.

It is also possible to create custom forms on the device such as pre-inspection sheets, and it also allows drivers to take photographs of damage to vehicles. Furthermore, drivers can also capture fuel fill ups at service stations and capture their vehicle’s odometer readings.

All this data can then be uploaded to the cloud-based system for further analysis by fleet operators.

With the new OTR fleet management system from Ctrack, drivers and assets are now more productive, and “Always Visible”.

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