Ctrack partners with Commercial Transport Academy


Ctrack has announced a partnership with Commercial Transport Academy (CTA), one of the premier providers of high-quality training for truck drivers in South Africa.

CTA’s comprehensive driver training equips students for a successful start in the transport industry. Expert instructors provide both the hands-on training and knowledge needed to properly and safely operate a truck. CTA also aims to empower women in a competitive industry through comprehensive driver learnership programmes.

“The Woman in Trucking initiative will empower 300 female-owned enterprises, 120 female professionals and 495 men and woman, truck and bus drivers over the next three years,” said Commercial Transport Academy CEO, Nicci Scott.

The driver training courses offered by CTA include NQF accredited certificates such as a TETA Certificate in Professional Driving and a QCTO Certificate in Truck Driving. So high is the demand for good quality drivers that completing these courses guarantees job placement in the industry.

“There is a big demand for properly trained truck drivers in South Africa, and the Commercial Transport Academy is doing a great job fulfilling this need. Ctrack is proud to partner with the CTA, not only are they striving to put safe drivers behind the wheels of trucks, but they are also aiding in the diversification of this sector by opening the door for women to become truck drivers,” said Hein Jordt, Managing Director of Ctrack.

The partnership with CTA will see Ctrack install their high-level Solo tracking units along with front and rear dashcams and the BI monitor in the vehicles used as part of their training programmes.

These vehicles include two Volvo Trucks fitted with a refrigeration trailer and a flat deck trailer carrying a 12-metre container, respectively.

The installation of Ctrack’s systems will allow for more focussed training of drivers as their every move can be accessed and analysed, making it easy for trainers and drivers themselves to identify areas that need more practice.

The Ctrack Iris smartphone application (app), allows users to view camera footage for control and playback of up to four cameras. In addition, the in-cab Driver Behaviour Indicator gives drivers real-time feedback that encourages them to immediately improve their driving style.

“Ctrack believes in the importance of instilling good driver behaviour from day one and feel that our technology can play a significant role in streamlining the training offered by CTA,” concluded Jordt.