Loubser Bulk Services saves significantly on fuel in first month of using Ctrack Fleet Monitoring Services.


Savings of 4% over fleet of 108 vehicles solely through monitoring vehicle speed

Loubser Bulk Services, a leading bulk freight transporter in the SADC area, today announced they have experienced a 4% saving on fuel costs within the first month of subscribing to the Fleet Monitoring Services of Ctrack, an Inseego company. The savings were made through the real time monitoring of vehicle speed across its 108 strong fleet and by proactively alerting drivers in the event of exceeding the speed limit.

Loubser Bulk Services specialises in the transport of agricultural and mining products across South Africa and neighbouring countries, including Botswana, Namibia and Zambia. Although they have been a customer of Ctrack since 2012, this was the first time they had used Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Services for its fleet comprising bulk delivery vehicles, drop side and tipper trailers.

Recently, the company sought a reliable telematics solution which would allow them to improve the way their drivers operated their vehicles. Of specific concern was an increase in speed limit violations, which not only contributed to rising fuel costs, but also compromised the safety of the drivers and other road users.

As a result Loubser Bulk Services chose Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Services to address these issues. Ctrack equipped them with a full-featured advanced fleet management system, which included dedicated fleet controllers for their entire fleet, fuel consumption monitoring and access to rich fleet analytics and dashboards.

Ctrack monitors and report on speeding events on a per driver, per vehicle and per trip basis, as well as alerting them to speed limit violations in real-time. Ctrack’s driver behaviour reports furthermore analyse performance factors such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking and excessive idling.

Soon after implementation, Loubser Bulk Services started to experience a significant improvement in their fuel spend. After 30 days, a saving of 4% was realised. The entire fleet travelled in excess of 1 370 000 km for the month.

“We not only saw immediate improvements in fuel consumption, but also in the form of drivers driving safer and more responsibly. These benefits align with our company’s vision of continuously enhancing the quality of service to our customers, suppliers, staff and community,” said Ganson Govender, Operations Manager of Loubser Bulk Services.

Late in September, the company started implementing Ctrack’s route management module, which allows them to set up static and timed routes.

“Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Services give Loubser Bulk Services critical insight into driver trends, while highlighting areas of concern to management. Through monitoring vehicles’ routes, they can now also limit the number of kilometres driven. This creates efficiencies to further reduce fuel usage and associated costs,” said Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions.

Govender concluded: “With the addition of route monitoring capabilities, we are excited to take our relationship with Ctrack to another level. We believe that these operational improvements will result in significant cost savings over the long-term.”

About Loubser Bulk Services

Loubser Bulk Services is a leading logistics company specialising in the bulk industry nationally and across South African borders (SADC countries). The company operates over 100 vehicles comprising of drop side and tipper trailers hooked to appropriately chosen prime movers.

Loubser Bulk Services is strategically located on the South African/Botswana border gate in Ramatlabama, North West Province.
Website: www.loubserbulkservices.co.za