Rising truck hijacking statistics remain a major concern


Truck hijackings remain a great cause of concern for the transport industry. Criminals have become so sophisticated that they are using signal jammers, diversion tactics, infiltration teams and even planted employees to reach the truck’s assets. They have also become more professional in terms of the tactics they employ to commit the crime.

Fleet vehicles are a particular attractive target due to their valuable cargo. According to the South African Insurance Crime Bureau, truck hijackings are all about the commodities being transported, with FMCG products like tobacco currently in high demand.

Crime statistics published in September 2015 revealed an alarming increase of almost a third in reported truck hijackings over the past year. Signal jamming, in particular, is an increasingly popular means for criminals to steal vehicles and loads, with truck hijackings costing the country an estimated R3 billion in 2015.

With these statistics rising, companies look increasingly to telematics technology to ensure full visibility of their entire fleet. This is one of the most important measures in combating crime. However, to realise the full benefits of a telematics fleet management system, drivers need to be proactively managed in real-time. In addition, there has to be a well-coordinated effort between fleet managers, tracking companies, tactical response companies and law enforcement agencies when recovering vehicles.

At this year’s TruckX conference and exhibition hosted by Ctrack and Standard Bank, Ctrack’s MD of Fleet Management Solutions, Hein Jordt, will be discussing the latest trends in what criminals are doing to negate technology, and how telematics can help.

TruckX convention takes place on 2 August at the Sandton Convention Centre, where these and other critical issues will be discussed. For more information, sponsorship opportunities or to book tickets, visit www.truckx.co.za or contact Susanna Voysey at 084 795 1948 / susanna@thefuture.co.za.

Watch Hein’s interview with The Future Group’s Wynter Murdoch here.