Unitrans Automotive Group selects Ctrack as a preferred supplier for vehicle tracking


Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company, DigiCore, supplier of Ctrack and turning 30 years old in June, has been appointed by Unitrans Automotive Group as a preferred supplier for vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle response services. Ctrack devices will now be fitted to VW and Toyota stock units upon arrival at the dealership.

This gives Ctrack a strong footing into Unitrans’s dealership network nationally with their customers now having the option to take a Ctrack system already installed into their new purchase.

”Unitrans’s customers will have peace of mind that their vehicle is already protected by Ctrack’s stolen vehicle response services the moment it is driven off the show room floor,” says Nick Vlok, DigiCore CEO, supplier of Ctrack to more than 50 countries.

Roll out started in May 2015 using Ctrack and Novatel Wireless’s vehicle tracking devices and as they are fully upgradeable over-the-air, in future customers will have the opportunity to subscribe to new safety features and services as they are introduced. As the device is pre-fitted, customers no longer have the hassle of scheduling a convenient time for installation and further the tracking device is endorsed by Unitrans and approved by manufacturers.

“This agreement will also help Unitrans to mitigate risk against stolen or hi-jacked vehicles given we will now receive vehicles with a fully functional Ctrack system and support services,” explained Andre Rhoodie, MD of Unitrans Insurance Ltd.

“We look forward to providing our product and services to the Unitrans Automotive Group and their customers”, added Vlok.

This will allow Unitrans, with customer agreement, to monitor kilometres travelled and proactively advise them to book vehicles in for services to assist in preventing warrantee issues from exceeding the prescribed kilometres driven between services. “Unitrans will also ensure that the quality and service from Ctrack remains at the highest possible levels”, concluded Brynn Stephenson, CEO of Unitrans Automotive Group.