Ctrack Crystal an instant hit with fleet managers

With the launch of Ctrack Crystal earlier this year, fleet managers were presented with an all encompassing, customisable platform from which to run and manage their fleet and operations. This new cloud-based offering places ease of use at its core while combining existing functionality with a host of new features.

“Our aim with the launch of Crystal was to ease the burden on fleet managers by giving them the information they need to make decisions in a tangible format,” says Hein Jordt, Chief Executive Officer of Ctrack Africa.

Ctrack believes that data must always be available, and it must be presented in such a way that users can easily identify any trends or issues that allow them to put a solution in place in an efficient manner. Ctrack Crystal combines advanced fleet telematics with a sophisticated data analysis solution.


Ctrack Crystal is always on, offers live updates, and is cloud-based, allowing access to high-level overviews or detailed reports from any device located anywhere in the world. These reports are presented in a user-friendly format that helps fleet managers identify trends and make informed decisions.

Fully customisable functionality combines all the existing features that consumers trust and rely on, along with a variety of new features into a one-stop, do-it-all fleet management platform.

Fleet managers have praised the high level manner in which data is presented on Crystal via the Snapshots function, comprising of six files that highlight critical information, offering fleet managers a quick view of the overall fleet performance in real time. These Snapshots are fully customisable to the users needs and assist in getting them the information they need to effectively manage their personnel and fleet operations.

Managers can easily drill down into vehicle specifics and perform tasks such as the assigning of jobs or utilise functions such as the Integrated Camera Solutions, Driver ID, Operator IDs and Immobilisation of vehicles. These functions can all be viewed via the live map and monitored and controlled from the one-stop Crystal portal.

The way vehicles are used by drivers has the biggest influence on a fleets cost per kilometre and productivity. Drivers can utilise the Crystal app on their phones, available on Android and Apple devices. The new driver app gives drivers enhanced control of their daily activities with features such as two-way messaging, job listings and navigation. The benefits include that the app gives both drivers and managers the tools they need to improve their skills, make better decisions, reduce risk, and save on fuel and insurance costs.

Driver scorecards give a high level overview of a variety of parameters, making it easier to take action when necessary and keep an eye on costs before they spiral out of control.

Ctrack Crystal is already proving to be invaluable in fostering a culture of good driving while allowing optimal utilisation of vehicles in the fleet. Drivers are also able to monitor their own performance, with live scoring across a variety of parameters.

As part of the Crystal app drivers can complete pre-vehicle inspections, where they can upload photos of any issues directly to the cloud for managers to view. The inspection feature provides a valuable data stream and assists in identifying any issues and staying on top of services, maintenance and license renewals, which are critical areas in terms of the overall health and management of a fleet.

“Driver behaviour, pre-vehicle inspection and route optimisation are critical contributors to better fleet management, fuel usage and ultimately cost saving and Crystal is already proving invaluable in these areas,” says Jordt.

Over their 35 year history Ctrack have developed a number of tracking and fleet management systems based on a variety of principles in order to ensure complete coverage in harsh African conditions.

Ctrack’s software and fleet management solutions like Crystal are naturally designed to work with Ctrack’s variety of own hardware devices but also has the ability to pull data from proprietary systems such as those fitted by OEMs, as a single or additional data stream. This gives operators of those vehicles the option of easily making use of Ctrack Crystal as an all encompassing fleet management platform.


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